Heavy Metal Studios was established in February 2004 to offer complete studio works in Audio-Visuals solutions to Musicians, Advertising agencies, Studio buildings and Sound-proofing. Our business encompasses Album projects and Advertising services such as Jingles, Radio commercials, TV commercials and Documentaries.
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End to End Music Production in modern formats!

From talent discovery to international superstar, Heavy Metal studios have the in-house capability to turn talent into stardom. This capability is inherent in the updated equipment that we possess in order to ....

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If you are looking to create a jingle for a radio advert or voice over for TV documentaries? At heavy metal ...

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Radio Productions

If your brand is craving product or service visibility through the medium of TV or Radio, then Heavy metal studios has all that you

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TV Productions

We are the one stop shop for all your TV visibility needs; we cover film editing, full movie production all the way to CD and DVD

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