End to End music production

From talent discovery to international superstar, Heavy Metal studios have the in-house capability to turn talent into stardom. This capability is inherent in the updated equipment that we possess in order to ensure that production quality is at par with any other artiste that can be found anywhere in the world.

Song writing

With our experience in the music industry, we have been able to follow the continuous changing trend of music and understand the different demographics and the way that they relate to the trends in the music industry, with this information, we are able to craft songs that will match your voice and project your image in a manner that gives you the best chance of success.

Musical Videos

From concept to casting, all the way to post production, we have all the equipment and ambience required to create your music video and position its quality to compete with the best in industry standard. Our production quality ensures that your video is accepted in all the top music TV networks because we constantly are aware of their ever changing requirements and make sure that our production formats remain compliant.